Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Autism Spectrum Assessment

At Connections Family and Behavioral Services, we know many questions may lead to you considering an Autism Spectrum Evaluation for yourself or a family member.

  • Does the world seem chaotic and to not make sense?
  • Does it seem like you should be able to do more, but just can’t?
  • Does it seem like the social world has rules that everyone but you knows?
  • Does it seem like whenever things go wrong, it’s your fault, but you don’t know why?
  • Are you exhausted from ‘playing the role’ of yourself in your life, trying to ‘do it right’?
  • Do you suspect Autism Spectrum, but you don’t seem like ‘the right type’?

Why have an Autism Evaluation?

Having the best most accurate diagnosis can help you and the people in your life understand you better.  It can guide you in your own self-discovery.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Important new information to contribute to your Individual Education Plan (IEP) at school to have the most appropriate services provided in the school setting.
  • Supportive information to help access other community services, where appropriate and applicable, such as Regional Center Services, Department of Rehabilitation, and others.
  • Supportive information for other medical providers.

An Autism assessment can help you make your world make sense.  

What is involved in an Autism Evaluation?

Autism is a developmental diagnosis impacting every part of a person; the senses, the way the brain works, the way they perceive things. A thorough assessment will involve a combination of structured formal and informal interviews of the person assessed and relevant people in their lives, paper and pencil rating inventories, records review, and observation. The process will include input from the person being assessed, their care providers when applicable, and other informants. The process usually takes 3-5 weeks due to needing input from all parties.  

A resulting report and consultation will be provided to help the assessed person and those in their life to understand them better. This report will include recommendations and referrals which may include other resources to access. Connections therapists can provide ongoing mental health therapy when indicated.

What if I don’t have Autism?

Not everyone who identifies as Autistic will test as Autistic. Self-identifying as Autistic is considered sufficient in many peer support circles.  It may reflect your lived experience. A Connections Autism Evaluation will find if you meet clinical and developmental criteria, but not always your lived experience.  We will be able to discuss your specific strengths and areas in need of support and if another diagnosis is more applicable, and provide support, mental health therapy, and referrals as appropriate.  

Other Evaluations available:

  • Group home behavioral support plan
  • School Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) recommendations

Your insurance may pay for parts of your assessment process, Connections accepts several insurance providers.  

Please call us at 831-296-0006 or email us today for information regarding the type of assessment that can best suit your needs.